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“I don’t go a day without their tinctures. It’s my ‘No Stress Express!”

“Sara does know she’s sick, right?”, asked one of Sara’s doctors to her mother. She was 15 at the time she was diagnosed with osteogenic sarcoma – cancer of the bone in her leg. It was Sara’s bright spirit and positive attitude that so perplexed the doctor. He asked her if she ever wondered “Why me?”, and she replied, “Why not me? Sara’s mother Paula, was diagnosed six months before with renal cell cancer. Sara was hiding the deep pain she was feeling in her leg, so she wouldn’t interfere with her mother’s treatment. But, one night it became too much and she broke down sobbing in agony. She was swiftly taken to the doctor where they identified the cancer. The fact that mother and daughter were both battling cancer at the same time became a local news story.

Thanks to the compassion and trial studies at City of Hope, Paula got an-other six years of life and Sara was spared the loss of her leg. She said before she was diagnosed, she would use cannabis to ease her pain and severe anxiety. She knew it wasn’t legal, but it helped her tremendously. Today, at 43 years old, Sara is a valiant survivor and long-time proponent of the healing power of CBD, especially when combined with terpenes.

Even after so many years being cancer free, the treatments took their toll on her body, so she still deals with the long-term side effects. She loves the fact that Cali-Born Dreams tinctures have terpenes in them, which have proven to boost the effect of CBD. Sara says it’s obvious Cali-Born Dreams has done their research and is ahead of the curve on other CBD companies.

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