Take A Minute - Fran | Cali-Born Dreams


After starting a CBD regimen, Fran K. says she has never felt better!

“I’m one of Sam’s projects”, says Fran K. with a throaty laugh. Fran, who is 70 years old and a recent widow, goes on to explain how she was diagnosed with endometrial/uterine cancer, with the heart stopping prognosis of “six months to 

live”. The doctors told her it would be a miracle if she made it to a year. 

Fran went through the traditional medical treatments and endured chemotherapy, frailty, hair loss…  But, after meeting her daughter’s friend Sam, owner/ founder of Cali-Born Dreams, things took a much brighter turn in her life. Sam was devoted to establishing a CBD regimen designed specifically for Fran’s physiology. She calls Sam her “Guide” to this day.

It will be four years this January since given the terrifying news. Fran continues her CBD regimen, combined with immunotherapy. She has no new lesions in her uterus and the remaining two are continuing to shrink. Fran has never been as active in her life as she is now. She swims vigorously and does water aerobics every day. 

When asked if she feels better now than before her diagnosis, she lets out her signature laugh and declares, “Now that is an understatement!” 

Finding friends who care is such a gift in life… 

That is exactly the backbone of Cali-Born Dream’s mission statement. 

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