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Brenda M. had tried everything to help herself heal after her initial diagnosis of lung cancer in December of 2013. She was 63 years old.

She fervently followed diet and lifestyle changes to increase her chances of longevity. And even when the cancer had metastasized to her bones, Brenda persevered with alternative methods of healing, while continuing traditional medical treatments.

I know his products are always the purest and highest of quality and what you are buying is what you get. I’m sending my friends his way, because I trust his products!” Even though Brenda is going through a recent resurgence of cancer, and visiting her oncologist once a week, she says she actually feels “super great”.

Brenda, we at Cali-Born Dreams want to celebrate your 69th birthday with you this December 2019
— Happy Birthday !

In 2015, Brenda endured a resection of her lungs and resumed chemotherapy. When she came across Cali-Born Dreams products and spoke with founder, Sam Sharaiha, about a regimen, she was able to finally ease her nausea due to the relentless treatments. “I couldn’t have asked for a better product!” To this day, Brenda has not had to use pharmaceutical anti-nausea medicine and her doctors have told her to stick with her use of Cali-Born Dreams because it is working so well.

From Brenda: “My best story is when I came home from chemo with an itchy rash all over my body. I took the CBD to isolate and after 40 minutes, it was gone and hasn’t come back. Sammi is generous beyond belief and has never steered me wrong.

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