Take A Minute - Easing Aiden | Cali-Born Dreams

Easing Aiden…Relieving Nancy

“Aiden still doesn’t do the things I ask him to do, but the anxiety is simply not there anymore.”

Of course Nancy loves her son Aiden more than anything, but didn’t know what to do with his unraveling behavior. Aiden, diagnosed years before with ADD and Asperger’s, became increasingly anxious.

He had even mentioned thoughts of suicide and would often scratch at his cheeks in frustration. Aiden’s therapy was helping, but some of the exercises given to him, such as tightening up all his muscles then releasing to ease the stress, would concern people who didn’t understand what was happening… especially at 6 foot 5! One day Nancy was at her friend Sara’s house and saw a bottle of Cali-Born Dreams gummies on the kitchen table. Sara told her they were incredibly effective and went on to say how she had recently given a couple to her friend who was having a very stressful day and she watched him mellow out right before her eyes.

Nancy took a few gummies home and had Aiden try them. He loved the flavor and within very little time, he felt his anxiety subside significantly. They immediately ordered a bottle from Cali-Born Dreams. After they started a daily regimen, his change in mood and behavior was stunning. It’s been such an improvement Nancy always orders in advance because she doesn’t want to be caught without them!

Cali-Born Dreams: Providing an Alternative Solution for a Healthier Lifestyle.


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