Can Pets Use Human CBD Tinctures?

Can Pets Use Human CBD Tinctures?

Can Pets Use Human CBD Tinctures?

Since the passing of the 2008 Farm Bill, which legalized growing and producing hemp products, CBD has become a major health craze. Many turning to CBD products to help with anxiety, insomnia, and chronic pain, became pleased with the results. With the benefits they experienced with CBD, it is no wonder that so many humans have considered using it to help their pets.

Is CBD Safe for Pets?

In general, most veterinarians agree that pure CBD is safe for pets to take in appropriate doses. Unfortunately, CBD has not been in use long enough to have studies on the benefits or side effects on humans. There have been even fewer studies done on pets. However, one study done on dogs with osteoarthritis showed improved pain and mobility. With virtually no side effects to the dogs.

While CBD is safe for pets, it is important to note THC products should not be given as it is toxic.


Benefits of CBD for Cats and Dogs

Most of the benefits pets get from CBD are similar to the benefits to humans, including pain management and anxiety relief.

For instance, CBD oils or treats can be useful in treating anxiety in pets who are afraid of storms or fireworks, or who are prone to high stress in general.

CBD also has great anti-inflammatory properties and can ease the pain of animals with joint issues and arthritis. It is also known to help control seizures. Pets who have serious or chronic illnesses might find that CBD reduces pain and can boost appetite.


Can Pets Take Human CBD Products?

Pets may take human CBD oils and tinctures given they are the correct dosages, usually determined by weight.

Human products are often much stronger and more concentrated than those manufactured specifically for pets. So, it is best to ask your veterinarian for the best CBD dosage for your dog or cat.

The difference between CBD manufactured for your pet and those manufactured for humans is minimal, except for the additives. Some pet products add vitamins and flavors to make the treat more appealing to animals.

Here’s what pet owners should remember if they are to give a tincture made for humans, to their pet. It must be high quality and pure with no additives or flavorings that could be dangerous to animals.

You typically want a tincture that is pure CBD and oils (which are usually coconut or MCT oil). Since you can find CBD products at almost any store, make sure it is coming from a reputable source. Be sure it contains the ingredients that it claims to contain.


Final Thoughts

Pets can get the same benefits from CBD oil as we do. Plus it can be a natural way to give them relief from anxiety, pain, and other ailments.
If you are planning to give your fur baby CBD, be sure to check with your vet on suggested doses.

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